PMS (Chinese Medicine Infographic)

PMS (Chinese Medicine Infographic) | Piktochart Infographic Editor.

I just had to share the above link! It beautifully represents how acupuncture works on PMS. Many thanks to licensed acupuncturist, Patricia Kowal for putting this together.

Here’s a quick run down:

  • 85% of women experience PMS.
  • PMS symptoms range from physical symptoms to psychological symptoms
    • It isn’t a fun ride to be on every month
    • It usually goes away as soon as the period start or can be ongoing and even occur after
  • There are different reasons as to why PMS occurs in some women
    • Stress
    • Too much cold in the body
    • Too much heat in the body
    • Physical exhaustion
    • and more
  • Acupuncturists recognize the myriad of reasons as to why PMS occurs and customize treatments to each individual’s pattern
    • PMS is seen as a symptom of another dysfunction in the body
    • Herbal formulas may be given on a case by case basis to supplement acupuncture treatments.

I hope you enjoyed the infographic as much as I did.

Graceful Points

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