The Difference Between Living and Existing

I will be at a Vitality and Health Seminar in Long Beach, CA tomorrow and the talk is all about nutrition and how important it is.

Nutrition is fundamental, essential, and vital. Whether I were to treat you for pain, facial rejuvenation, smoking cessation, weight loss, or even depression, nutrition would be one of the key components in my treatment plan. Acupuncture and herbs work wonders but if your diet is poor, full recovery will be unattainable, and you will continue to see me again and again. Sure, it’s great for me as a business, but my goal, as a healer, is to never see you again¬†because you are feeling all better.

To give you an example of the importance of nutrition, I will share a story about one my patients. A female, in her 50s, came to see me because she had excruciating pain all over her body. The first time she walked through my door, she was bent over her walker 90 degrees and put her entire weight onto the walker as she slowly inched forward. She couldn’t drive, she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t do anything… she was basically existing but her quality of life was not that of a living person.

With acupuncture alone, she was showing steady improvement. But I didn’t want just improvement, I wanted her completely recovered. After evaluating her diet, I noticed a key component that was keeping her progress from 100% improvement. I told her to eliminate one thing from her diet (in this case dairy because she had a lot of damp).

Her total time with me was less than 12 weeks. Around the 9th week, she walked in through my door and exclaimed, “Look, mija! No cane!” She stopped using her walker and even her cane. She had driven herself to the clinic. She was sleeping better. When at first she was reluctant to give up all dairy, she is now a firm believer and declared that she would never eat poorly again.

The patient now gets acupuncture to maintain her health.

Acupuncture with the immense help of nutrition made the difference between existing and living.

Graceful Points

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