Last Spire Review: Days 3 – 5

I deeply regret to inform you that I will be returning my Spire as it does not serve the purpose that I longed for. Below are the reasons why I am giving up the Spire long before I had planned to:

  1. It only holds 6 hours of memory.
    • This is a problem because most people are at work for 9 hours. Meaning, for  9 hours, they will not be looking at their phones, wondering if their Spire is working.
    • Another disappointing outcome is that the device cannot work without your  Spire being continuously linked to the app. This means that you will not get your notifications when the device is not linked up to the app. Problematic if you don’t carry your phone with your everywhere you go.
  2. The app drains battery life of phone.
    • I had left my Spire on the charger during the night and left the app on the phone. My phone was fully charged before I went to sleep. I woke up to the battery being at 48% without being used all night. I am trying to reduce stress, not add to it. I do not need the added stress of having to be concerned with charging my phone constantly.
  3. Does not have the ability to track everything at once.
    • This limitation I understand but it’s still a limitation. If your Spire is tracking your breathing it will not track your activity (walking). If your spire is tracking your activity, it will not track your breathing. I see this as a flaw because there are times when we are off rushing somewhere and stressed at the same time. I may need a reminder to breathe during this time but the Spire won’t do it.
  4. Does not track your activity well and yet it tracks too well.
    • Let me explain. When I’m walking around, it doesn’t track my steps very well. And yet, when I’m sitting on my couch, my little movements or even my breathing counts as being active, so it doesn’t remind me to stand and stretch after having watched an entire movie.

I was desperately hoping that this device worked but unfortunately it does not do what needs to be done. I still support Spire and their innovations because they are going in the right direction, but I cannot, with good conscience, recommend this to my patients until all the kinks have been worked out.

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