30 Day Tech Challenge

Many of my patients come in to see me because they have trouble getting a good night’s rest. They have trouble falling asleep and feel that they do not sleep enough. Sometimes it is a much deeper rooted physiological problem. At other times, it is due to the modern world.

We are too connected! We feel compelled to have a backlit screen in our faces until the very last moment before we go to sleep. It’s either our computers, phones, or our televisions. And because we feel compelled to watch the last episode or read the latest blog, we go to bed later and later. We miss that golden opportunity when our bodies are prepared to fall asleep. I, myself, am very guilty of that.

So, I am going to make myself a challenge. I will shut off all electronics by 9PM every night and go to sleep by 10PM. This includes my computer, cellphone, iPad, TV and even my Kindle. No distractions allowed!

I will post any and all successes and failings. I feel that this will help me to better understand what all of this technology does for me that keeps me so addicted and find solutions that will keep me on the good path to good sleep.

One thought on “30 Day Tech Challenge

  1. After reading your posts on your challenge, I realized I need to practice this, too. We have the habit of watching TV (needlessly), being on our phones, or iPads/eReaders to supposedly help us fall asleep, but it does the complete opposite.

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