Day 1 of 30 Day Tech Challenge

I wrote in a journal each night so that I remember how I felt, succeeded, or failed.

01/27/16 9:10PM

I missed the mark by 10 minutes… which is pretty stupid considering I wasn’t even paying attention to what was on the TV. I left it on while going to the kitchen to get some water. I was so uninterested in the movie that I didn’t even bother to pause it. Side note: “Along Came Polly” is not a good movie… didn’t even giggle once… not even a “ha!”

But that leads to another question. Why did I continue to leave it on even though I didn’t like it? It’s not as if I paid a rental fee for it. It was on Netflix. I could have watched anything else. Is this perhaps an addiction to being brain dead? Is the zombie apocalypse going to happen, not by high contagious virus but by voluntary brain death?

Why did I find this habit to be important enough to forego sleep? Let’s see how I feel the next morning. Do I get better sleep right out of the gate or is there a huge adjustment period?


Later that night… 9:41PM

Well, I found out another reason why I keep turning on my phone/computer. Research. My mother came into my room complaining about some discomfort. Though I didn’t feel any cause for worry, I wanted to double check and did some research. I find myself doing this often. It could be research for my family’s health or for a patient. I am constantly doing research online or on an app or in an ebook, etc. But what good does my research do in the middle of the night? But at the same time, I don’t want to forget why I researched something in the first place and then forget to research it. Excuses? Probably.

It’s almost 10PM. I’m going to give sleeping a try.


I woke feeling somewhat rested with a little tossing and turning.

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