Day 2 of Tech Challenge

01/28/16 11:17PM

So, obviously, you can see that I failed my challenge again. But! I had a very good reason. I was out late at a Lakers game. And seeing how this is one of few games left in Kobe Bryant’s career, I believe that even non-Lakers fans will understand.

I did, however, put away all of my electronics once I knew everybody got home safely. My phone is on silent and put away, my laptop is in my backpack,  and my TV is turned off.

I’m going to attempt sleep since I don’t know what time it is anymore. My phone is the sole source of time-telling in my room. How did I tell time before I had a phone? Oh, right! Clocks. I may need to make a trip to a dollar store. Good night!


I slept through the night pretty well but woke up at 5AM because I was freezing. I had forgotten to leave my space heater on and the temperature in my room dropped incredibly low. I woke up feeling as if my face was stuck in a refrigerator. I was still tired so I waited for the room to warm up before I could fall back asleep.

I hope to do better tonight.

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