Day 3 of Tech Challenge

1/29/16    10:26PM

I have succeeded! 2 minutes before 9PM, I put away my laptop and my phone. I didn’t have the TV on so I didn’t need to do anything there. I didn’t go to a dollar store just yet, but I did get the time from the kitchen clock to take my magnesium.

Side note: magnesium is a great supplement to take when you have difficulty falling asleep. I take 1/2 a tsp of Calm Magnesium and it helps me relax. It is also great for muscle aches and constipation. Before starting a new supplement, consult your doctor to see if this is the right course for you. This blog is only meant to inform, not provide or replace medical advice.

Anyway, the reason why I’m not asleep yet is because I gave a couple of persons a last minute treatment. Now that’s done, I’m going to wash up and go to bed.


I was tempted last night to turn on the TV. I didn’t have anything that I wanted to watch in particular but I have a strange need to have noise while getting ready for anything. This is actually something I am actively working on. The world has become so noisy that we have forgotten how to be in silence. My goal is to become comfortable with silence. It’s amazing how freeing it is when you get off the grid for even just a few hours.

I fell asleep pretty quickly once I put my head down on my pillow. I had pretty good sleep last night. I didn’t wake once at all. It still took a little bit of time for my body to feel fully awake but the fact that I stayed asleep is a victory. Seems turning technology/electronics off about an hour before sleep does allow for some quality sleep.

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