Day 4 of Tech Challenge

01/30/2016  9:40ish

Since it is a Saturday, I was concerned that I may not succeed today. But I didn’t need to worry. Thanks to my ever supportive fiancé, I was able to get home in time to avoid missing my 9PM no-technology deadline.

This leads to a very important point. Having encouragement and support is one of the key points which will lead to success in anything that we set out to achieve. Whether it is to sleep properly, lose weight, or start a business, having support in your life is vital. If you can’t find it in family,  find it in friends. If you can’t find it in friends, find a support group or a community that is striving for the same goals. The chances are good that if you’re going through something, someone else is too.

Well, now that I’m washed, took my magnesium and changed, it’s time to sleep.


For the most part, sleep was good. I have been getting vivid dreams that feel quite tiring. I awoke once, not sure at what time. It took me a few minutes to fall back asleep. When I woke up for the final time, I woke rested and to the sound of rain. Now I’m wondering if weather could affect the quality of sleep.

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