Eyes, Blood, Sleep (Tech Challenge)

Day 7-13 of Tech Challenge

I had stopped updating daily as to my progress because it was becoming stale stuff to read. I had failed only once since the last update. So far I am learning that giving myself a break from the glaring screens of our surrounding technology has made it easier to fall asleep. The best part is that I also remain asleep most of the time.

But is it that relaxing our eyes gives us better sleep? I can tell you about the rods and cones in our eyes that continue to “glow” making our brains think that it is still daytime, but this is mostly an acupuncture blog. So let us discuss what East Asian Medicine has to say about it.


According to Chinese medicine, our eyes are governed by the liver. And as our liver is in charge of storing blood, our eyes have a direct relationship with blood. Blood is what nourishes our eyes and relaxes the spirit. When we overuse or deplete our eyes, we use our store of blood that is essential for many things, one of which includes sleep. With all the technology around us, we are straining our eyes more than ever. This has created a pandemic of people complaining of insomnia. Whether it is difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, my clinic is filled with patients complaining of lack of sleep.

So put down the phone, turn off your TV and computers. Close your eyes and allow them to relax. And then, go to sleep.

Day 6 of Tech Challenge

02/01/2016 8:52PM

I’m so tired that my 9PM no-technology curfew is no longer a chore. I welcome it with open arms. I’m going to sleep because I have quite a busy day tomorrow. *YAWN*


I stayed asleep all night. Still woke up a little tired but that may be because it was so cold. 37 degrees fahrenheit is not what Californians are accustomed to… at all.


“Silence is a true friend that never betrays.” -Confucius

This quote is true in regards to sleep.

Day 5 of Tech Challenge

01/31/16  9:12PM

Nothing really new to report today. I am already becoming accustomed to my self-imposed curfew. The real test would be how I do tomorrow morning. I need to be awake by 5AM and it will be the first time in this challenge when I couldn’t just wake up when I was good and ready. An alarm will be involved. If I wake up without hesitation, this this endeavor would be completely worth it.

I’m going to pad my windows so that I don’t have to listen to them get rattled by the strong winds.

Side note: ensure that your sleeping environment is without distractions. Whether it be rattling windows or a neighbor’s light shining through your window, find solutions. By the way, for rattling windows, I shove something like cotton balls (they are easy to shove in with tweezers) into the four corners of the moving portion of the window to keep it from rattling. And for annoying neighbors who leave their bright backyard light on all night, invest in blackout shades or curtains. It will be worth every penny.


I didn’t have the most restful sleep. I woke up once because the wind was so loud outside. The windows didn’t rattle but the wind itself was menacing. It sounded as if it could cause some destruction. Then I later found out that we had a tornado warning. In conclusion, I’m still tired.