Vegan Cheese

I have a damp heat constitution. So to keep myself healthy, I have to stay away from foods that cause dampness in the body. One such food that causes damp is dairy. For my health, I have given up all dairy. And as much as I love how I feel, I still miss dairy. I am a cheese lover, who doesn’t allow herself to have cheese.

So when I stumbled upon the recipe below, I was ecstatic. This recipe tastes delicious!

The only thing that I had trouble with was making it as stretchy as it claims. For me, I had to add more tapioca flour than suggested, 2 tablespoons as opposed to teaspoons. Other than not being able to get the proper texture, I was still happy to eat my failed attempts because it tasted so good.

The most difficult ingredient to acquire is the nutritional yeast. If you live in California, the best place to get it would be Sprouts Market. You can find it in the supplements section. 

Hope you enjoy this recipe. Sam is a godsend.

Vegan Mozzarella Recipe